Dont be shy when ordering this new gem. Make a statement with this finishing touch.  Each bracelet is uniquiely created to relate specifically to you. Want a personalized single bracelet made? Shoot your vision to Nezy and be ready to be amazed!

Nezy Bracelet (Single)

  • Make sure to message Nezy your wrist mesaurements so that your new accessories can fit just right. Probelem with sizing? Be sure to message Nezy three days after receiving your package. 

    Upon arrival:

    Due to the recent state of the world please lightly wipe your bracelets with alcohol, hand sanitizer, or a lysol mist. Do not soak bracelets in any liquid!

    Bracelets are made with elastic bands, but don't get to carried away with stretching it out. We will include extra string with your order just in case you break the bracelet. It is super simple to bring your bracelet back to life! 

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