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Hello! So you want to know a little something about me? Let's get to it!

I began styling my own hair about seven years ago when sew-ins became a bit too expensive. My father paid for my extension install one time and told me, "You're going to have to figure something else out.", and so I did. I am forever grateful for my father and the many times he pushed me to figure things out. 

After I took out that install, braids became my best friend. I transitioned as a natural and any style I wanted to rock, I studied it and became my own muse. I had no intent to style hair for others let alone have a business, but after styling a good friend of mine she told me it was imperative for me to start a protective hair styling business. The nudge was so great that I started Nezy Hair. When I first got into the business, I thought all crowns were the same. I was so far from right and I found that out quick! I was intrigued by each crown that I got to style and although each were different they all had something in common. They each needed a solid, nurtured foundation. It's all about the foundation. It's all about protecting your crown. Want to know more about me? Well you got to book an appointment to get more tea!


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