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Rebuke Traction Alopecia!

The consequences of our hair habits are among us. What hair habits do you have that may be contributing to traction alopecia? Continue reading to learn more.

What Is Traction Alopecia?

We know there is a sudden feeling of doom when we hear of this hair condition. We believe that it is the end of our glory hair days, but let's take a moment to discuss what it is. Alopecia is the fancy word for hair loss and believe it or not it can occur on different parts of your body other than your scalp. There are a few different types of alopecia caused by different factors, today well will be focusing on TA or traction alopecia. Traction alopecia pertains to hair loss caused by a pulling force or chemical application.

What causes Traction Alopecia? How can I prevent it?

Tight styles: Those braid styles look fresh, but they are also damaging. If you cannot move your neck or your eyebrows, TAKE THE STYLE OUT ASAP. Other styles include weave installs, crochets, and even basic cornrows.

Improper detangling methods: Be sure to use a wide tooth comb and plenty of moisture when detangling your hair. Also section your hair in smaller sections. Patience is key.

Back to back styles: You must wait at least two weeks before getting another style that involves tension. It is not healthy to keep installing styles because you have not given your scalp a break.

Ponytails: Yes, I know you like to pull up your hair and go on about your business. However doing it 365 days out of the year can cause receding. You will start to notice that your edges are escaping and obvious hair thinning around the temple areas. Switch up your routine.

Lack of foundation care: Even if you are not getting your hair styled so often, you must still care for your scalp. You cannot get a style and neglect your scalp. Continue to feed your scalp whether it is styled or not.

Chemicals and heat: Certain chemicals such as relaxers and heat can change the hair shaft and make you more susceptible to hair loss.

Headwear: Constant tight headwear can cause stress along the hair line. Also note that those head band wigs can cause this issue as well. Oh don't forget about those bonnets with the tight bands inside of them either. Only use loose fitting headwear for long periods of time.

More resources!

Video about how one Queen reversed her traction alopecia:

More detailed text about traction alopecia:

Need to hear it from a dermatologist? Here ya go:


You can prevent and reverse (in some cases) traction alopecia, yes I believe in you. Also if you notice you may be experiencing signs and symptoms contact a dermatologist so that you can be diagnosed correctly and started on the appropriate treatment plan. Traction alopecia is caused by pulling forces from styling, chemicals, and heat. All of these hair practices can be adjusted to preserve your hair health. Always choose hair health over a cute style. Please review all of the information shared above so you can continue on your healthy hair journey.

"Protect Your Crown"- Nezy Hair

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