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How To Care For Starter Locs!

So you finally did it! You started your locs and you're well on your way to embracing this new journey. But how do you care for your starter locs you ask? Allow me to walk you through the process.

What you will need to care for your starter locs:

- Head wrap: I recommend something that is fitting, but not too tight. Possible choices include a durag or bonnet that can be adjusted. Silk or satin!

- Oil to nourish scalp: Your oil does not have to have 50/11 ingredients in it. Keep it simple and keep in mind your scalp also produces its own oil. Some oils that I like are jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, tea tree oil (use with caution), and almond oil. If you do not want to mix up any oils, I recommend Hair of Nature's Calendula Healthy Hair Oil.

- Mist spray bottle: This will be your hydration mist bottle. In this bottle, mix mostly water with rose water and a vitamin E rich oil. You can add extras such as peppermint oil, aloe vera juice, etc. Make this mist your own, but do not over do it to prevent loc build up.

- Scalp cleaning agent: I recommend witch hazel. You can also heavily dilute tea tree oil to use as a scalp cleaning agent.

- Confidence, patience, and self compassion: Through all stages of this journey, you must be confident and embrace yourself fully. Growth does not appear drastically most times, but it is indeed happening. Exercise patience as your locs begin to mature and grow. Whenever you forget to care for your locs, do not think you are a failure, give yourself some compassion and try again tomorrow.

Tips For Caring For Starter Locs:

- Commit to monthly retwists: You do not have to shampoo your hair as often with locs, however it is recommended that once a month you do a deep cleanse and that you retwist your locs to keep your locs clean and on the road to maturity. Locs can build up easily so monthly upkeeps are just as important as at home care.

- Oil scalp weekly: No need to over oil your scalp. Once or twice a week is just enough. Think of your scalp as soil that needs nutrients to continue to bear growth. Limit the amount of oils you put on your scalp. Become well aware of the mechanisms of the oils you use.

- Cleanse scalp weekly: Oil builds up, cleanse your scalp once weekly and follow up with oil.

- Wrap up hair at night and in shower: Very important! Starter locs can come undone easily which can delay the maturation process.

- Keep locs free of lint and other particles: You can purchase a lint brush once your locs mature a bit. In the meantime have someone help you remove particles from your hair weekly to avoid build up.

- Say no to tight styles: Do not add too much stress on your scalp. Good tip for those without locs as well. Repeated tension leads to breakage.

Additional Resources:

Video: "TAKING CARE OF YOUR STARTER LOCS - Self Maintenance Tips (COVID 19 Quarantine)"



Simply put, to care for your locs you must hydrate your locs, oil your scalp, and protect your locs. In addition, remember to embrace your locs, they are you and you are them. Your locs provide a visual representation of the growth that you are already doing spiritually. Set a goal at the beginning of your loc journey, each time you check in with your locs, check in with your goal. On my second set of locs my goal is spiritual freedom. I am determined to be spiritually free. My locs will help me obtain that goal. The information provided is only meant to give you a kickstart you can mix and match up any technique to fit what works personally for you. Ready to start your locs? Book with Nezy Hair, I got you!

"Protect Your Crown" - Nezy Hair

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