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Stop! Don't Take Down Your Style!

Unless you have read this very informative post, put down those scissors. Aren't you tired of losing more hair than shedding when you take down what was supposed to be your protective style? Are you close to contacting your stylist and giving them a piece of your mind? Hold up and read up!

How do you take down your protective style?

Without reading any further information ask yourself this question and answer it truthfully. Chances are that you are taking it down wrong which can lead to negative effects. Negative results that were the reason why you got a protective style in the first place.

Why is the take down process important?

Your hair sheds hair every single day. It is said that we can lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands a day. Of course one's normal shed rate may be different than the next. Well while your hair is in a protective style your hair does not take a break from shedding, in fact it just collects. When you take down your protective style you will notice a collection of hair that comes out and that amount should represent the collection of hair that has shed. Well when protective styles are taken down incorrectly the amount of hair that is loss is no longer just the normal amount of shedding but also BREAKAGE. I knowwwwww, you hate that word. Many of you have seen the horrid collection of lost strands. However, are you ready to change that?

Steps to take when taking down a protective style!

Things you'll need:

  1. Spray bottle

  2. Conditioner

  3. Wide toothed comb

  4. Scissors ( Some of you get scissor happy so go ahead and book your take down appointment with Nezy Hair)


  1. Look in the mirror and promise yourself that you shall not cause breakage this time around.

  2. Fill your spray bottle with warm water and conditioner.

  3. Shake bottle until contents are completely mixed.

  4. Spray style at the root and I mean saturate that root too! Work the product used on your hair loose with your fingers.

  5. After spraying all the roots, spray the rest of the style as well. Yes even with the style still installed.

  6. Proceed with taking out the style.

  7. BEFORE combing out your hair, saturate your hair even more and detangle with your fingers FIRST!

  8. Now proceed with detangling with your wide toothed comb.

  9. Take a picture of the hair that was lost and refer back to that amount for your next take down. Consistency leads to a decrease in the amount.

  10. Proceed with a deep cleanse, conditioning, scalp nourishment, and a trim.

  11. Or you can book your next rejuvenation treatment with Nezy Hair.

What have we learned today?

The key to decreasing the amount of hair lost after a protective style is to add moisture! Moisture prevents hair from breaking off because your hair strands are not in the dry brittle stage. You have put too much work into feeding your scalp and protecting your hair from the elements to watch all your hard work fall right on out. Follow these steps and you'll set your hair up just right for your next style.

Video for my visual learners.

(Make sure to saturate your hair with moisture. Your hair should not be dry by the end of the take down process. )

"Protect Your Crown"- Nezy Hair

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