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So You Want To Go Natural?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Tired of the harsh chemicals? Excessive heat? Brtittle, thin hair strands? The natural journey is the way to go. Before you decide to chop or transition read the post below to gain more insight.

Are You Sure, Sure?

I get it. You've been thinking about this major hair decision for a long time now. You're scrolling through your social media feed and you have several hair crushes. You're tired of over processing your hair through the use of harsh chemicals. Honestly, you're one more day of quarantine away from chopping it all off. Before you make that decision, it's best to self analyze why you want to go natural. Going natural is liberating, but it does require effort. Effort that cannot be lacking because the amount of effort you put in directly impacts the progress you make. Before you go natural make sure you are committed to making an effort.

Big Chop or Transition?

There are two choices you have once you have decided that you will be going natural. The "big chop" consists of you dramatically staring at yourself in the mirror with a pair of the biggest scissors for about 20 minutes. Once you have set the drama tone, the chopping begins. Many may choose this option because their hair might be extremely damaged or they simply want a complete fresh start. Before you pick this option just know, once it's chopped, it's gone! I myself have done this TWICE! I loved my chop each time and I was motivated to take care of my hair better. Now if you are not ready to do such a thing you can always glide into healthy hair by transitioning. This step is a series of nourishing the scalp, getting protective styles, and getting frequent trims. If you pick this option it is a must that you care for your scalp and hair because you want that new growth to be healthy and strong while you're trimming off the damaged ends.

Are You Committed?

Going natural requires commitment, dedication, and confidence. You have to commit to nourishing your scalp, cleansing and conditioning your hair, and trimming your ends. All of this must be done to ensure healthy hair growth. Remember that each crown is unique, There's a plethora of resources out there to help guide your natural hair journey, but you will have to commit to the time that it takes to find out what products and techniques work for you. You must remain dedicated to your hair goal. Be specific about your hair goals and no matter the obstacle stay dedicated to them. At every stage you are in on your natural hair journey you MUST remain confident. Embrace the journey that you are on and refrain from comparing your journey to the next crown. You can use the advice of others as a guide, but never compare and degrade your journey.

So What's The Gist?

1. Make sure that you are absolutely ready to start your natural hair journey!

2. Decide whether you want to big chop or transition!

3. On your natural hair journey you must remain committed, dedicated, and confident!

4. Your natural hair journey is unique!

5. Nezy Hair will be here with blog posts that will help guide you on the beautiful journey!

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