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Yeah, Let Those Ends Go!

Updated: May 7, 2020

In life we tend to hold onto to things longer than we should. Holding on to our split ends is no different. Continue reading this post to find out why you need to let them go because you may be causing more harm trying to hold on to that length!

What are split ends?

Split ends are strands of hair that once started from your root and made their way all the way down to the end of your hair strands. They are essentially the oldest part of your hair. They are often referred to as dead ends, but keep in mind all of your hair is dead it's just that part of your hair is a long way from life. Please note that dead hair in this sense means that there are no nerves or blood flowing through your hair strands. If there were, none of us would comb our hair.

Why should I trim my ends?

Trimming your ends is like pruning a garden. The purpose of pruning is to prepare room for the new growth to bloom healthy. If instead you hold onto your split ends, you can potentially harm your healthy hair process. A split end can travel all the way up the hair shaft to your root. Our hair strands are already precious so when a split end does travel it leads to breakage. Please note that this process does not lead to shedding, but to pure breakage because now the bond the hair strand once had is now weaker.

When should I trim my ends?

It is very important that you develop a schedule to keep up with trimming your ends. If you stay consistent with the plan you will not have to trim off so much hair each time. I always say the most is trimmed in the beginning due to poor hair management. I recommend to my clients that they trim before and after a protective style. My long term protective styles last about 6 weeks and that is the minimum required time set for trims. Whether you wear protective styles or not, try to aim for a trim every two months.

How do I know I have split ends?

Oh you will definitely know you have split ends. You see the picture I included for this blog post? Look towards the end of the hair strands. You will also be able to feel where your trim should begin. Take a section of your hair and feel the texture from the root to the end. Do you notice towards the ends of your hair that it feels a bit rough? Do you notice how nothing seems to help them blend more easily? Or do you notice an increase in breakage? Well most likely it is time for a trim.

So What's The Gist?

1. Split ends are the rough bunches of hair towards the end of your hair strand that doesn't seem to blend in anymore.

2. Untrimmed split ends can lead to BREAKAGE!

3. Develop a trimming schedule. Every two months is a good place to start!

4. Examine your hair from the root to the end of your hair strands to determine if you have split ends.

5. Don't be afraid to let your split ends go. This is part of the journey to healthy natural hair.

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