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Do You Care About Your Foundation?

We know that the most important part of any building is the foundation. The same goes with our hair. A lot of times we have great achievable hair goals, but poor foundational habits. Let's cut down on some of the frustration that comes with the natural hair journey by taking our foundation more seriously.


The internal work is sometimes more important that the topical agents that we place on our hair. You must oil your scalp with nourishing ingredients. Be aware of how often your scalp needs to be oiled. Too much and too little oil can be a con and not a pro. Here is a really good oil by Hair of Nature. As the hair world continues to move towards using more natural ingredients it is very important that you are aware of your allergies and check the ingredients. Pick your oil wisely because whatever you put onto your scalp will seep into your blood stream.


Just like our body needs water to make sure everything flows well. Our hair strands need moisture to remain strong. Here is my blog post about the importance of knowing your hair porosity level. You know some people equate finding the right product to moisturize one's hair with to reaching the top of a mountain or something like that.


It is time to bid farewell to your spilt ends. By now you know that spilt ends are mischievous. They pose as that length you are happy to finally obtain and then BAM breakage enters the chat. Here's a blog post about the importance of trimming your ends. The work is not complete once you chop off those ends. Whenever you prune you must plant and the cycle begins again with scalp nourishment.


Nourish your scalp, moisturize your hair strands, and trim your ends. Those are the three key steps to a healthier foundation. There are other key steps, but you must begin and commit with these. When you book with Nezy Hair you will see the benefits of these three key steps. Book your next rejuvenation treatment by clicking the following link. Whether you are getting box braids, weave styles, or rocking a wig, your foundation matters. Without a healthy foundation your crown will fall.

"Protect Your Crown" - Nezy Hair

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