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Here's Why Your Hair Is Not Growing.

This is the article you have been waiting on. In the age of fast hair growth it is easy to find yourself lost in quick fix recipes and techniques. This blog will give you insight on the many reasons that can affect hair growth.

Is your hair really not growing?

If you are doing everything "right" to care for your hair and it seems to stay the same length. Then you are in the phase of maintained healthy hair. You are not losing excess hair from styles, heat, detangling, or any other risk factor. You are in the spot that a lot of naturals hope to be in. No need to stress over your hair not touching the back of your calf muscles. Keep up the good work and embrace the healthy journey that you are on. If you find yourself stressing about your hair not growing, reflect back on the days when your hair was brittle due to unhealthy techniques.

Too much tension!

We love a good protective style. We love them so much that we often let them stay in too long or get them back to back. Getting your hair done in a tension style so often can lead to your hair breaking off. It is important that we give our hair a chance to breathe after we take out a protective style. I recommend two weeks of low manipulation after taking out a protective style. You ever wondered why locs can grow to be so long? It is because locs are a low manipulation style. The more hair is untouched the more it grows. Also remember that if you are getting styles installed with too much tension be aware of tension alopecia. The right braider knows how to install a style with the healthy amount of tension that will not lead to hair loss or breakage.

Scalp Is Starving!

You have to feed your scalp nutrients that will help promote hair growth. Slapping grease on your scalp is a thing of the past. What you put on your scalp must penetrate and enter the pores of your scalp. So it is important that you are mindful about what you put onto your scalp. Many of you have heard me talk about essential and carrier oils. The combination of the two will work wonders for your hair journey. An essential oil houses the key properties that do the work our scalp needs and a carrier oil dilutes and carries the essential oil into your scalp so that it can do that work. For example tea tree oil has cleansing properties, but it is potent if it is used alone. Paired with grapeseed oil or olive oil, tea tree oil can complete the task of cleansing your scalp. Take time to research other essential and carrier oil combinations.

Hair Strands Are Thirsty!

By now you should know why it is important to moisture your hair. Please refer to my hair porosity blog if you need a guide to help you decide what works best for your hair type. Remember when your hair is not moisturized it is prone to breakage. Hair growth and breakage are not friends, but instead distant cousins who dislike each other.

Split Ends!

I will forever advocate for the release of split ends. A split end likes to travel back to the good ole days when it was once new growth. Except when a split end travels all the way back to the root, it arrives even more weak. Then the next time you add tension either by styling or detangling you notice that you are losing a lot more hair than you expected to lose. I know those split ends contribute to your length, but they are only hurting your healthy hair journey.

Improper Style Take Down!

I recently wrote a blog on how important it is to take down your protective style with care. You can have all the new growth you ever dreamed of and still be at the same place you started off at if you carelessly take down your style.

Extra Resources!

Above are the most common reasons I have come in contact with throughout my styling years. However these are not the only reasons. I found this useful article that you should also read in the event that you cannot find your reasons listed above.


There seems to be so many contributing factors as to why our hair may not be growing the way that we want it to. From high tension styles to underlying health conditions, it can seem that the cause can be unknown. However, if we take a good look at our hair and health care we can soon find out the source. Fast hair growth should never be the goal. The goal is to have healthy strong hair no matter the length. Hang in there and stay committed to the journey.

"Protect Your Crown"- Nezy Hair

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